About Us

hme-abt-img Company History

Twenty-five years ago in North Phoenix, the DiMarco family put every cent they had into an automotive repair facility. The marriage between hard-work and expert service for the local community and neighborhood it serviced resulted in a loyal customer base spanning two decades.

About halfway into this venture, the company owners’ frustration over the service they were receiving f rom local towing companies was at an all-time high. Vehicles were coming in damaged, customers were treated poorly and far too many mistakes were made. This was unacceptable as it would shed an unfavorable light upon the DiMarco’s business.

One summer night the family gathered to discuss how they could get their customers’ vehicles to their facility safely and efficiently. They created a business model that identified their goals and ideals and Quik Pik Towing™ All Over Towing™ was born.

Business Operations and Risk Management abt-btm-img1

The owners of Quik Pik Towing™ All Over Towing™ are 100-percent involved in the daily operation of the company, working alongside our management and dispatch teams, administrative office staff and drivers/operators to ensure quality service is delivered.

In a short amount of time we acquired many successful, nationwide partnerships and established ourselves as solid fixture in this industry — the result of a business model that relies on constant quality control and analysis, not only of ourselves but of those in business around us. We have identified several risks in this business and make every effort to eliminate or manage them. This is our recipe for success.

By definition, “risk management” is the analysis of possible loss, the technique of determining, minimizing and preventing accidental loss in a business.

The initial risk we strive to manage is time — the estimated time needed to get a driver to the call and complete the call. This may seem a simple task but providing this service has many variables and factors working against it: equipment failure, staff, communication, traffic and weather among others.

Without the control of time, the result can be accounts lost, decreased income, slow growth, employee turnover and reluctance with existing accounts.

As communication is the life-blood of this industry, we have controlled this risk with our dispatching and scheduling center — our first line of defense. The center consists of rotating dispatchers and supervisors. Each dispatcher is paired with up to six coordinators to handle call volume and six schedulers to handle incoming appointments for every towing, recovery, emergency roadside services, accident or requested service. Initial communication is routed into the dispatch center via 10 phone lines capable of rolling over, coupled with a 15-unit telecommunication system. Every call is answered live — by a representative — 24 hours a day — every day.

Our drivers communicate with smartphones running either iOS or Android OS installed with our dispatching applications, GPS tracking solutions and turn-by-turn navigation features. A touch-to-talk radio is in each fleet truck as a secondary form of communication.

We have streamlined dispatching by using a web-based software system specifically designed for the towing industry. This system runs 24/7 on more than 10 individual dispatching and scheduling stations. All our dispatchers have two 27-inch split-screen monitors as the software operates in real time. The details and specifications of each tow or service call is sent via email/text.

This system allows not only the dispatcher, but our entire office to have a live view of every waiting, assigned, finished or scheduled service. We also use a web-based application service that allows us to monitor and track all our drivers in real time. Our fleet of trucks and drivers are tracked and controlled every second, which is key to assigning tows and services based on desired geographic location. This dispatching workflow allows us to maintain an estimated time of arrival (ETA) of 30 to 60 minutes based on the individual service needs.

Proper Equipment and Expertise abt-btm-img3

The next risk we strive to manage is equipment and expertise. Without an established fleet of trucks or industry-trained staff, the risk of losing professional partnerships and creating a fragile bottom line, little room for growth, employee turnover, equipment failure or damage and reluctance with existing accounts increases exponentially.

Our staff ensures that we have all the individuals in place to operate this business with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. We are proud to have educated, trained professionals with experience in the towing, automotive, customer service and corporate industries.

Our fleet ensures that there is more than adequate equipment for us to operate under any scope of work. Not only can the work be completed, it will be completed with efficiency and peace of mind. Fleet equipment is tested, clean, roadworthy and in compliance with state, local and federal guidelines.

Having a professionally trained staff and a variety of quality equipment allows us to maintain an effective ETA based on individual service needs.

Billing and Accounting abt-btm-img4

All Over* Quik Pik Towing Inc. understands the shared interest in proper billing and invoicing. We have a designated bookkeeping staff to handle billing and accounting issues for all accounts. There is full understanding of a purchase order system and net 30 billing, avoiding complications and billing errors. All billing and invoicing is through Quick Books Pro, and proprietary dispatch/accounting software with email and fax capabilities. A professional accountant is on staff for needs beyond basic bookkeeping.

Professional Affiliations

All Over* Quik Pik Towing Inc. is a member of local and national towing and recovery associations and organizations including Wreckmaster, the California Tow Truck Association and the Towing and Recovery Association of America. We attend towing and recovery tradeshows and seminars to further our knowledge base. The industry is constantly evolving and improving for owners, operators and office staff. We make them all a part of this experience at two to four events annually.